Lil Devil Slot Machine – Play Demo Version for Free

Lil Devil Slot Machine – Play Demo Version for Free

Here, you can play the demo version of the Lil Devil slot for free and without registration.

Release Date2019
Minimum Bet0.1
Maximum Bet20
Maximum Payout100,000
Number of Reels6
Number of Rows4
Number of Paylines4096
RTP (%)96.43
PlatformsPC, Smartphones

Lil Devil Slot Payout table

Symbol2 Symbols3 Symbols4 Symbols5 Symbols6 Symbols
J, Q0.
K, A0.20.30.61
Crocodile, Lizard0.
House (Scatter)62050100


Get set to crank up the volume and immerse yourself in the electrifying universe of “Lil Devil,” the freshest creation from Big Time Gaming. This slot game isn’t just about spinning reels; it’s about immersing yourself in the raw vigor of rock ‘n’ roll while chasing after electrifying victories. Imagine being behind the scenes at a sold-out concert, enveloped by the pulsating rhythm of the music, the dazzle of lights, and the anticipation of an audience perched on the edge of their seats. Lil Devil captures that essence and channels it into a high-voltage gameplay adventure that’s primed to shake up your world. So, gear up and get ready to unleash your inner rebel as you embark on a journey that’s as untamed and exhilarating as a live concert on the grand stage.

Lil Devil Game Overview

When it comes to a thrilling slot experience, Lil Devil emerges as a masterpiece meticulously crafted by the renowned developer Big Time Gaming. With an exceptional eye for detail and a commitment to innovation, this game assures an escapade that transcends the ordinary.

RTP: 96.43% – Your Winning Odds: Boosting your odds of landing those winning combinations is a Return-to-Player (RTP) rate of 96.43%. This percentage signifies that over the long haul, a substantial portion of bets are returned to players as winnings, making Lil Devil a game that maintains the excitement and keeps the rewards rolling.

Volatility: High – Embrace the Rollercoaster: For those who thrive on high-stakes action, the high volatility of Lil Devil introduces a thrilling dimension. While the wins might not occur as frequently, they are bound to be explosive when they do grace your spins. This slot is custom-made for those who relish the anticipation of larger, awe-inspiring payouts.

Paylines: 4096 – Endless Pathways to Triumph: Sporting an astounding 4096 paylines, Lil Devil unveils a plethora of pathways to victory with every spin. This expansive array of possibilities ensures that every round holds the potential to surprise you with unforeseen wins and pulse-pounding moments.

Reels: 6 – Uncover the Enigmas: Spanning across 6 reels, Lil Devil takes the classic slot layout and transforms it into a canvas of limitless opportunities. Watch in awe as symbols align and cascade, revealing the enigmas that lie within this rock-infused realm of exhilaration.

With a developer known for pushing boundaries, an impressive RTP, heart-racing volatility, a multitude of paylines, and 6 reels that whirl to the rhythm of your fate, Lil Devil is poised to be an indelible journey that’s every ounce as riveting as it is rewarding. Are you prepared to seize your chances and set the reels rocking?

Betting Ranges

Min Bet: $0.10 (USD) – Enter the Game With Ease: You don’t need to be a high roller to join the rock ‘n’ roll fiesta of “Lil Devil.” With a minimum bet of just $0.10, you can dive right into the excitement without breaking a sweat. This signifies that even if you’re just starting out or prefer a more cautious approach, you can still experience the full intensity of this electrifying game.

Max Bet: $20 (USD) – Pump Up the Ante: For those who thrive on adrenaline and want to amplify the stakes, Lil Devil caters to your aspirations with a maximum bet of $20. This electrifying betting range offers you the opportunity to unleash the full potential of the game and pursue those electrifying wins that will have you triumphantly rocking out.

Hence, whether you’re in it for the thrill or prefer a more relaxed approach, Lil Devil grants you the flexibility to tailor your bets to your style. Prepare to encounter the rush of a rockstar, irrespective of your betting strategy.

Features that Will Blow Your Mind

Wild Symbol – Unleash the Power: The emblem of Lil Devil acts as the Wild Symbol, embodying the unbridled spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. It steps in for other symbols, helping you complete those winning combinations and enhancing your chances of seizing that monumental win you’ve been yearning for.

Scatter Symbol and Free Spins – Ignite the Stage: Visualize this: landing the heart-shaped box, the Scatter Symbol, and unlocking a riveting sequence of Free Spins. As the stage illuminates, you’ll be prompted to choose between “Be My Angel” and “Dynamite Lover” Free Spins modes. Each mode brings its own distinct advantages, ensuring that the excitement escalates with each spin.

Expanding Wilds during Free Spins – Let the Music Play: Throughout the Free Spins feature, witness the Wild Symbols breaking free! These symbols stretch to fill entire reels, transforming every spin into a dazzling spectacle of potential wins. With expanding Wilds, the stage is primed for a show-stopping performance on the reels.

Increasing Multipliers with Consecutive Wins – Crank Up the Volume: The energy builds as you notch up consecutive wins. With each victorious cascade, the Multiplier escalates, catapulting your payouts to soaring heights. Brace yourself to amplify the volume on your wins and feel the rush of observing your rewards surge with each successive triumph.

Top Win: 50,000x Bet – Aim for the Stars: This is where the excitement crescendos – the Top Win of an astonishing 50,000 times your bet! Like a rock superstar commanding the stage, your gameplay possesses the potential to captivate the audience with an awe-inspiring win that’ll have you dancing in your seat.

Theme and Graphics

Musicians & Bands Theme – Unleash Your Inner Rockstar: Prepare to step onto the grand stage of rock history with “Lil Devil.” The game harmoniously blends music and luck, paying tribute to the realm of musicians and bands. Sense the surge of the spotlight as you immerse yourself in the ambiance of legendary concerts, where each spin reverberates with the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion.

Rock Icons and Musical Instruments as Symbols – Iconic Imagery: As the reels come alive, iconic symbols inspired by rock legends and musical instruments adorn the screen. Guitars, heart-shaped boxes, and other musical paraphernalia bring the essence of the stage directly to your fingertips. The visuals pay homage to the rock genre, offering players a front-row view to a symphony of symbols that carry the promise of impressive victories.

Dynamic Animations and Visual Effects – Lights, Camera, Action: With dynamic animations and vibrant visual effects, Lil Devil captures the essence of a live rock performance. Observe as symbols spring to life, displaying stunning animations that synchronize with the tempo of the game. From dazzling lights to electrifying bursts of energy, each spin is a plunge into the vibrant world of rock ‘n’ roll.

Play Anywhere

Available on Both PC and Mobile Devices – Rock On Anytime, Anywhere: The stage is yours to command, whether you’re stationed in front of your PC or on the move with your mobile device. Lil Devil ensures that the rock ‘n’ roll adventure is perpetually at your fingertips. Whether you’re jamming out in the comfort of your home or rocking on during your daily commute, the game’s seamless compatibility guarantees that the thrill never needs to halt.


In the realm of online slots, Lil Devil serves as a testament to Big Time Gaming’s unwavering commitment to delivering an extraordinary gaming encounter. With a heart-pounding amalgamation of dynamic features, a musicians and bands theme that enlivens the stage, and the potential of incredible victories, this game stands as a masterpiece in its own right.

The heightened volatility keeps you perched at the edge of your seat, the expanding Wilds and escalating Multipliers inject an extra layer of excitement, and the rock icons on the reels guide you through a journey into the realm of music. With the pursuit of that remarkable 50,000x top win, each spin evolves into a performance worthy of a rockstar.

So, what’s the holdup? It’s time to step into the limelight, embrace the electrifying gameplay, and allow the reels of Lil Devil to kindle your journey of triumph. Are you prepared to revolutionize your world in a gaming encounter like none other? The stage is ready – let the spectacle commence!

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